A Web 3 Social Token

What Is Spacebux?

Appreciation & Rewards Token

Spacebux functions as an appreciation and rewards token which is used by gaming guilds and content creators. Viewers, followers and subscribers can receive Spacebux in giveaways, partcipation or as prizes. Spacebux can then be saved, shared or exchanged for merchandise, prizes, special perks or just redeemed for crypto.

Strengthen Community

Content creators can encourage increased audience participation, engagement and interaction by offering more regular rewards! Gamers love collecting digital items and Spacebux tokens fit right in!

Protocol Features

The Spacebux protocol distributes 2% of every trade back to holders of the token. Just hold your Spacebux in your wallet and watch the balance increase as others buy and sell the token on exchanges.

Spacebux features and details:

To buy, sell or provide liquidity:
Trade on

Get a wallet for your Spacebux!

Spacebux is held in the popular Metamask wallet, trusted by 20M monthly users!

Disable Popup Blockers for these next three steps!

1) Get Metamask, follow installation instructions

metamask logoGet Metamask wallet extension

2) Add the smartBCH Network

3) Add the Spacebux Token information to your new wallet!

Congratulations! You are new ready to receive and send Spacebux!
NOTE: Metamask can only hold SmartBCH which is a SEP20 Token, do NOT send normal BCH to a Metamask wallet!

Adding sBCH Network Manually:
Network name: smartBCH
Chain ID: 10000
Currency Symbol : BCH
Block Explorer URL :

Need to bridge tokens?
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